Feb 17, 2017

Next meeting postponed

At the Walmart Supplier Growth forum in was announced in the Category Advisor breakout session on Thursday that Walmart will be resurrecting the Category Advisors Best Practice group (CABP).  We will be merging this group into the CABP.  Because of this merger, we will be looking for a larger venue.  That means the date and location of our next bi-monthly meeting are up in the air but anticipate it to be sometime in March or April.

We will continue to use this site and forum for communications and share-outs.  An updated agenda will be posted here in advance of the meeting.

Jan 25, 2017

JDA's Category Management 2017.1 Will Have New Icons

Space Planning and Floor Planning have had the same icons since their initial release in 1999.  Starting with the release of 2017.1, which is expected to be released by mid-February, you will see these new icons in your Windows taskbar in addition to a totally new ribbon-style toolbar in your application.
The toolbars, which have changed subtly since the initial release from Intactix in '99, will look like the modern MS Office suite's toolbars.  This may require a bit of relearning for current users but it looks like it's designed intuitively, so you're learning curve should be a quick one.

If you are a keystroke user, your keystrokes will remain the same as well as the dialog boxes you've been using for product/position/fixture/planogram/project properties.

We will also gain some new functionality in the MRU (Most Recently Used) menu.  If you are a CKB user, you'll be thrilled to learn that your database planograms will show up in your MRU though they will not be able to be permanently pinned until 2017.2.

For more details including screen-shots and live demos of Space Planning 2017.1, log on to support.jda.com and join the Space Planning SIG (Special Intrest Group) where you can find a recording of this quarter's meeting.  Here's the link.

Dec 21, 2016

Combined Shelf Available Space

Trying to figure out how much linear space you have left on that 12ft run of shelves?  Replace Linear Available(Fixture) with Combined Linear Available(Fixture) in your formulas to have Space Planning tell you total available for shelves in the same notch.

Nov 16, 2016

Update on tomorrow's agenda

John Nuckolls will be covering the following...
Image Modulars v2
Product Best Practices in a CKB environment
Tray Dimensions & Shelf Label Accuracy

Nov 15, 2016

NWA Group Meeting This Thursday

This week we will meet at our usual location at 10:00am-11:00am.  The agenda will cover the following.

Jack Mitchell will talk about efficiently handling Assortment Discipline data.

At this time, John Nuckolls with Walmart is working on his part of the agenda.  One or more of these topics will be covered.

Things in development

  • 4-shelf 
  • Supplier Collaboration Tool

Process Improvement
  • Dimension upload: Trays
Rick Donckers will cover how to populate the dimension template quickly for updating Walmart dimensions.

Nov 10, 2016

JDA Space Automation SIG Group Meeting

The Q4 Space Automation SIG meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, November 16 at 9:00am Central Standard Time (Chicago). 


>       Introductory comments from SIG Chair and SIG Manager

>       Now available: SA Pro e-learning course

>       Review 2017.1 new features

>       Product roadmap update

>       SIG enhancement voting

>       Open discussion / Q&A

Please note that you must register for this Webex in advance!  Click here to register.  You will need to provide your full name, email address, and company name.  Once registered, you will receive an email with connection details and a meeting password.  For best results, do not wait until right before the meeting to register; it should be done in advance.