Nov 20, 2006

Big Easy To Host JDA's FOCUS Conference in '07

This isn't new news but I thought I might put it out there in case you haven't been to JDA's site yet. Next year's conference is April 15-18, 2007 at the Hilton New Orleans Riverside Hotel, New Orleans, LA. (map)

According to the announcement post card they sent out I was suppose to register by March 2, 2006 to get the early bird price. I'll assume they meant 2007. The website that JDA maintains for the conference doesn't have any information on pricing but the post card that I received has the following information...
Single attendee: $1,050 ea
Group (6+): $995 ea must register at the same time
Hotel: $179 per night

JDA is also soliciting for executive-level speakers. If you would like to volunteer one of your exec's then send an e-mail to Also, in the past they have asked for guest speakers for the breakout sessions too. These speaking gigs usually entail demonstrating your implementation of a JDA solution within your company in front of a relatively small group. If you volunteer for this JDA waives 100% of the registration fee.

On a side note; I am currently serving as the chairperson for the JDA Space Automation Users Special Interest Group and I am looking for someone to go down to the conference with me and demonstrate how Space Automation has helped your company. If you're interested feel free to contact me and we can discuss.

This upcoming conference is also re-election time for most JDA SIG chairpersons, myself included.

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Michael McClain said...

What kind of NWA contingent can we expect at Focus 2007? Let us know and we can organize some kind of get-together while in New Orleans - business or social.