Nov 8, 2006

JDA Announces A Hot Fix for Space Planning

In a customer service e-mail that went out 11/07/06 from JDA -
A Space Planning by Intactix interim object hot fix is now available for 2006.1.0 and 2006.2.0

According to JDA's CSS, "
Space Planning 2006.1.0 or 2006.2.0 could shut down unexpectedly, losing unsaved data, if the cursor hovered over the status bar. Due to a memory buffer conflict, if the status bar formula resulted in the status bar displaying exactly 100 characters (including blank spaces), and the user moved the cursor over the status bar region, Space Planning would shut down without any error messages.
Workaround: Modify the status bar formula to avoid displaying 100 characters. One way is to add enough blank spaces enclosed in "quotation marks" to the end of your formulas, so that regardless of object selection the status bar generates more than 100 characters (even if they are blank character spaces that aren’t visible on the status bar)."

"Space Planning 2006.1.0 or 2006.2.0 could become unstable if libraries were docked and the user closed out of Print Preview, resulting in the potential loss of unsaved data.
Workaround: Close libraries before using Print Preview."

Both issues have been resolved with IXControls.DLL version 2006.1.7.2, which is available from JDA’s Customer Support Solutions (CSS). This interim object needs to be placed in the Space Planning folder (the location of ProSpace.exe) and does not require special registration; it simply replaces the IXControls.DLL previously installed.
The fixed IXControls.DLL will be included in the upcoming release of Space Planning 2006.3.0. This interim object hot fix is not required if you are installing version 2006.3.0.
If you need assistance, contact your local JDA Customer Support Solutions center where available; otherwise contact your Agent or Distributor.

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