Nov 9, 2006

Users Group Meeting Recap

Look what I won at today's meeting!

Our guests from JDA were feeling pretty generous today and I won this awesome football! Some other prizes weren't as good, like the one that Russlyn Cerasale from
Freudenberg Household Products (O' Cedar brooms) won; a wireless keyboard and mouse combo. Russlyn, I might consider a trade if you dig my football.

Anyway, thank you Paul Sharos for the doughnuts and gifts.

Tip O' The Month
Michael demonstrated how to customize your tool bar in Space Planning.
  1. Right mouse click on the toolbar and click on Customize.
  2. Click on the Commands tab and drag the button from the Commands box up to your toolbar.
  3. Remove any buttons you don't want from the toolbar by dragging them to this customize window.

Formula O' The Month

Not really a formula but a demonstration of how you can change fields in ProSpace to calculate their values differently. Out of the box ProSpace has a field called Sales that is calculated based on what you have in a product's Unit Movement field and multiplies that on the value you have in the product's Unit Price field. To change the calculation Sales in ProSpace you would need to

  1. click on Settings / Financial... then click on the Override Calculations... button.
  2. Select the F button next to the field that you want to override.
  3. Change the formula using the formula screen the click OK.

Remember, this is a setting that is only on your computer, so if you have a label, table or chart that uses Sales or some other overridden field you will need to have other users in your office do the same thing to their copy of ProSpace.

Usually it's just easier to create a formula in your table, label or chart.

Retail Link

There are new fields available in Store Detail reports in RL. Unit Height, Unit Width and Unit Length.

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