Jan 11, 2007

Jan '07 Meeting Recap

A light turnout today but good material presented by Michael and our guest Randy Walker of Harvest I.T. We won't go into how my presentation went. Those that were there know why and those that have been there in the past to see my attempts at demo's have a good idea.

We started off with how to hide images of products that have a flag field checked to "yes". Then we were shown how to create labels that show warnings that appears on shelves and positions if they overlap or are overfilled but can also tell you if they are too high or not meeting pack and half and other various W-M rules.
Here are the links so that you can download the labels that Michael demo'd. You'll have to right-click on these links then click on Save Target As...

  • Position warnings - Appears on positions that collide or are not meeting inventory requirements.
  • Fixture warnings - Appears on fixtures that are not lined up correctly, too high, too low, overfilled, etc.
  • Symbol warnings - this one requires Wingding fonts that are referred to in the PowerPoint
I demonstrated the features of this website and reminded everyone that anyone that wants to be notified of meeting changes and other correspondence they need to create an ID on this website. We are no longer sending out e-mails from Michael since so many address change every month. It will be the responsibility of member to maintain their contact info from this website.

Randy from Harvest provided some interesting screen shots of their REAP program, the Retail Link automation tool, and provided a list of upcoming features.
The local JDA reps were unavailable as they were in meetings in Scottsdale, AZ.

Here is a link to the main PowerPoint that was used today.

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