Feb 5, 2007

JDA in 2007

I found this interesting article about JDA and the challenges they are working with this year. The article, written by MGI Research narrowed it down to three primary challenges.
  1. Customer satisfaction
  2. R&D
  3. Sales & Marketing

Last year JDA finalized their purchase of Manugistics which was a huge investment. With that they will be moving their architecture of all their products to a Java-based platform leaving Microsoft .NET. Going to one development platform will greatly increase the ease of their products working together but is a huge project within itself. Click on to read the article.

Click here for a press release from JDA regarding their 06-Q4 results and their plans going forward.

UPDATE: I spoke with an Intactix product manager today and found out that the Intactix programs will not be switching over from C++ and .NET architecture to JAVA. The plan is for all Manuguistics to switch, not Intactix.


randy.walker said...

As a developer, this isn't good news. Java, while a great language, specifically for it's cross platform abilities, hasn't progressed as a language as well as .Net. Basically, I can do in 1 hour, what a Java developer could do in 10.

With that said though, graphics wise, it might be a different story. But, I would figure with DirectX capability, it would still be faster to develop in a non Java development platform.

Eric Liberatore said...

I spoke with an Intactix product manager and found out that Intactix tools will not be switched. I updated the post to reflect this.