Mar 15, 2007

March '07 Meeting Recap

Sorry it took so long to get this updated. Been out sick.

Last week's meeting was really good with a fine turnout. We ended up running the full 2 hours!

Steps for creating and using a product library can be found in our forum. We will have some notes and examples of AutoPilot (Space Automation) scripts that were used in the demo posted in the forum sometime this week or next week.

Thanks to JDA for the doughnuts and door prizes.

Fairy Degner of Electronic Arts won the Microsoft wireless mouse. Now she can play Burnout a little more comfortably.


Anonymous said...

My name is spelled Degener. by the way Burnout is not available on the PC. Now, Command and Conquer Tiberium Wars, is a totally different story.


Eric Liberatore said...

Sorry, Fairy. Thanks for the correction. Go on conquering!