Apr 17, 2007

Strategix creates mobile ProSpace

In my opinion this is the coolest thing I've seen here at Focus in the Solution Zone. If you're not familiar with the Focus conference the Solution Zone is an area set aside for partners of JDA to set up booths to showcase their solutions that retailers and manufacturers might be interested in. Think Comdex. An unknown company from Dusseldorf, Germany, called Strategix made up of some Intactix expatriots has created a mobile version of ProSpace called SX Collector that has the most important features.

-Product libraries

-View/edit planograms

-Images are brought over from your PC automatically to be used in the POG. The sync utility will create small image files and place them on your PDA. Each image is copied to 1k.

-Uses a barcode scanner that can be attached to PDA or used in a PDA model that inncludes a scanner. If no barcode you can type in the UPC.

-Create new items and fixtures.

-Can be used for auditing for price and inventory.

-Syncs automatically back to ProSpace.

Right now this tool only runs on Windows based PDA's.

Check them out at www.strategix.de

UPDATE: I find the information on their website a bit lacking on this product so I scanned their sales brochure for a better look. Click here for side 1 and side 2. (PDF's)

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like the mobile platform Qode should be used here.

Someone should check into Neomedia Technologies.