May 8, 2007

I Wish AutoPilot Had This Feature...

This year JDA has asked that our Special Interest Group vote on new features for Space Automation. Before we do that, they ask that we upload a form through with any new feature requests that need to be added to the ballot. The instructions are in the document. Please have them uploaded by June 4th.

Once everyone has uploaded their forms I will send out the ballots with both the new and previous feature requests. Soon after that we will have a conference call to accomplish the following...
• "Campaigning" for features. Is there a feature that Space Automation is seriously lacking? Get in on the call and you will get a few minutes to explain to the group why this feature is important, how it will work and why they should invest their voting points into your feature.
• Q & A for George Mirza, Product Manager for Space Automation.
• Explanation on how to vote.
• Expectations once voting results are announced.

Have you selected the Space Automation SIG in your profile on yet? Please be sure to do this so that you will get the next e-mail announcing the conference call.
(The picture is just to make some laughs and in no way implies that there are bugs in any of JDA's software.)

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