May 21, 2007

New Space Automation Classes - "Smart Scripts"

JDA has added a new class called Smart Scripts! These classes will delve deeper into Space Automation and its functionality. Participants of the Smart Script Building Class will be exposed to some of the more popular commands and functions of the Space Automation software. They will learn to make ‘smarter’ scripts to allow each script to accomplish more.

You should be a Certified Space Automation customer first in order to attend these classes.

Dates: May 24th & June 7th
Location: JDA Training Facility in Bentonville Arkansas

After participating in this course, you will be able to:
Utilize Import and Export data functions
Create arrays and input file loops
Work with variables
Protect your original files
Determine key differences between ‘IMMEDIATE’ scripts and ‘UNATTENDED’ scripts

Duration: 6 Hours
List Price: $299.00

See for details or contact Benita Burchfield at 214-277-7733.

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