May 8, 2007

NWA Intactix Users Group Welcomes Our 100th Member

Six months ago we started this online portal to give Intactix users an online meeting place. And sometime this week we will have our 100th member. At first the idea was to benefit local users here in northwest Arkansas but our membership has expanded to Europe and Australia. So to celebrate our anniversary and 100th member we are announcing a contest with prizes.

First, how to participate. Submit a posting in the forum. Sounds easy enough, right? The posting has to be a legitimate posting such as a basic how-to, tip, or a question. No posting is considered too elementary (remember we have members that are brand new to Intactix programs too). Each posting by a user is counted as an entry. Maybe you could post the steps for creating a new item in a planogram, how to print using Batch Print or how to do highlighting based on a formula.

Since we're limiting the prizes to participating members, your chances of winning are pretty good. Michael, Rick and I are not eligible since we are the moderators. The contest will end at our third meeting of the year which will be July 12th.

What is the prize? Rick and his company, 20th Century Fox will be providing a list of various movies for you to take your pick. We'll have more details on the prizes soon like how many movies and titles.

In the future we plan to continue this contest while changing up the prizes and announcing the winner at each meeting. So get to posting!

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