May 18, 2007

Space Planning 2006.3.3 Service Release Announcement

This arrived in my inbox today from JDA.

"The Space Planning 2006.3.3 service release is now available. Contact your local Customer Support Solution center, Agent or Distributor to request a copy.

Reported Issue
Space Planning could become unstable when printing or using Print Preview for a layout that contained a table view, which could cause Space Planning to shut down unexpectedly, losing unsaved data. The instability was random, due to a combination of factors that affected the rendering of the view while processing the table open automation event, before all print page information had been fully initialized.
This issue has been resolved with the Space Planning 2006.3.3 service release. This release is a full installation package of Space Planning, and can be used for either new installations or for upgrade installations. If upgrading from a version of Space Planning prior to 2006.1.0, please review the Intactix Install Notification - IES 2006 3 document available from JDA Customer Support Solutions.
If you need assistance, contact your local JDA Customer Support Solutions center where available; otherwise contact your Agent or Distributor."

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