May 11, 2007

What's New In The New ProSpace?

Well, they're doing away with year-for-the-version number format for starters. The newest version will be 7.4. I just received the SpacePlanning Pre-Release Scope document from the newly elected Space Planning SIG chairman (manufaturer side), Ira Mulfinger. Here's the highlights on the goods.

  • Formula builder has six new functions. Also, the functions are now listed into logical groups.
  • Background image loading. No longer will you have to wait for all images to appear before you can work.
  • Splitter View. ProSpace will automatically create split windows for your planograms but it uses some intelligence in the ratio of your planogram to determine if your window needs to be portrait or landscape.
  • Various changes that will improve Space Automation performance.
  • When using the keyboard to move objects, they no longer slow down with each inch they're moved.

Version 7.4 should be released with the rest of the Intactix suite in Q3.

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