Jul 30, 2007

JDA Releases Space Planning 2006.3.6 Service Release

The following is an announcement from JDA sent out last Friday regarding their newest version of ProSpace. This is a service release.

The Space Planning 2006.3.6 service release is now available. Contact your local Customer Support Solution center, Agent or Distributor to request a copy.
Reference Numbers: CSS 789098, 792484 and 786032

Reported Issues
· If you used the Assortment Changes view to delete product facings, the action could result in an exception error, which could cause Space Planning to shut down unexpectedly, losing unsaved data. This issue occurred only if you used the Assortment Changes view to edit a planogram that included a product with multiple positions that were configured with different merchandise settings on different combined shelves.

· Effective with Space Planning 2006.3.3, the Project.ProjectPrintPreview automation method (used by customized automation clients to show a preview from automation) fails and displays a blank preview window. This issue does not affect the normal use of Space Planning.
· If you opened a multiple-planogram project from an Intactix Knowledge Base (IKB) database and then deleted one of the planograms, the action could result in planogram data being overwritten. The data was overwritten when the project’s planograms were saved back to the database using a customized automation client. This issue did not affect the normal use of Space Planning and IKB. It was limited to customized solutions under certain situations for automation clients using the SaveToDatabaseEx automation method.

These issues have been resolved with Space Planning 2006.3.6 which is available as either a hot fix file release, or a full installation package of Space Planning.

· The full installation of Space Planning 2006.3.6 can be used for either a new installation or for upgrade installations. If upgrading from a version of Space Planning prior to 2006.1.0, please review the Intactix Install Notification - IES 2006 3 document available from JDA Customer Support Solutions.

· The hot fix is contained in prospace.exe version 2006.3.6. This file is compatible with any previously installed version of Space Planning 2006.3.x. The prospace.exe file is placed in the installed Space Planning folder (default path C:\Program Files\JDA\Intactix\Space Planning) and does not require registration; it simply replaces the prospace.exe previously installed. This hot fix file is not required if you are installing version 2006.3.6 or subsequent releases.
If you need assistance, contact your local JDA Customer Support Solutions center where available; otherwise contact your Agent or Distributor.

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