Oct 31, 2007

Microsoft Across America Stopping by Shewmaker Center

Vendor Managed Technologies,the developers of Velocity, a widely used retail analytics tool, and Microsoft are rolling into town in a stateof-the-art truck loaded with exciting new technology products that can help you achieve your goals with Wal-Mart and all your retail accounts. The Microsoft Across America Truck is a hands-on interactive environment packed with workstations featuring Windows Vista, Microsoft Office, a Tablet PC, and VMT’s Velocity software.

Experience live demos and get your business’ technology questions answered. You can learn how specific products from Microsoft and VMT work together to create a unified solution that fits your unique needs or how to leverage your current technology to potentially save you time and money and streamline your business.

They will be at the Shewmaker Center in Bentonville on the following dates...
  • November 14 - 2pm-6pm
  • November 15 - 9am-1pm
  • December 12 - 2pm-6pm
  • December 13 - 10:30am-2:30pm

Click here to attend

If you have questions contact Jennifer at 616-454-9000.

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