Nov 2, 2007

Good turn out for November meeting

It was estimated that the combined attendance for yesterday's meeting was around 40 or so. That's combining our first time on-line attendance. If you were one of those that attended on-line please let me know how the audio/visual performed. Once again a big thanks to Terry Wolvert from Pixelstreams for donating his GoToMeeting account for our benefit. We hope to continue offering this service for future meetings.

One of the reasons we went online with this meeting was because of the topic this month: Automating ProSpace Functions With VBA. Our presenter was Christie Vogel from CH Robinson. She demonstrated how to use VBA to copy data out of a ProSpace file and populate a table withing MSAccess. If you are looking for the sample data that she demonstrated click here.

The rest of the presentations which include formula of the month and how to number all of your planograms in under a minute can be found here.

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