Jan 3, 2008

Meeting Reminder - Jan 10th

This is just a reminder that our next meeting is at the Shewmaker Center at 9:00am Central on Jan 10th.

Planned topics so far are...

  • Top 10 ProSpace Customizations
  • Tips N Tricks
  • Formula of the Month
  • Space Automation demonstrations

We will also have another guest speaker, Kent Ruesink of JDA. Kent is one of the oldest members of JDA. I mean that as in he's been there longer than most. Before JDA he and I use to work together at Wal-Mart in modular planning. He put a lot of the systems in place that Wal-Mart still uses to this day for modular development. Currently Kent has been behind the development of one of JDA's newest tools, Category Advisor for IKB.

We are still adding topics to our agenda. Feel free to let me know if you would like something covered in this meeting.

UPDATE: This meeting will be available for online attendance. If you wish to attend via GoTo Meeting please e-mail me. (free install required for screen view - phone call is not toll free)

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