Mar 26, 2008

New Fixture Libraries?

I heard a rumour from a reliable source (so what value is that?) at Wal-Mart H.O. that the fixture libraries were about to change again.

Well today I logged into RL to see that indeed there are new dates on their fixture files indicating there are changes. However after opening the properties screen on several 48 inch-wide shelves I can't find any difference between the "new" library and the old. So I uploaded a planogram with old fixtures and another one with "new" to see if there would be any errors or warnings. The only warning I received was when I used a 22 X 48 inch shelf regardless if I pulled it from the old or "new" fixture library.
"Fixture is not a valid fixture from the Wal-Mart Fixture Library: SHELF 22X48 HEAVY DUTY WHITE"
So apparently the system that checks your planograms currently has an error in its programming for 22x48 inch shelves.

Do you have any further information on this? Post it in the comment link for this posting.
Update: I called someone in the Modular Core department. They are aware of the "22X48 " warning problem and are working on it. No ETA was given.

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