Nov 13, 2008

Formula O' the Month

What it does: Looks at the item type of a product and will display it's order type (W=warehouse, A=assembly) if its position is lacking enough inventory on the shelf to meet your desired days of supply by order type.

Where you put it: As is the case with most ProSpace formulas you can paste this into a label, a table, a chart or into highlighting.

When it would be of benefit to use this formula: When building a planogram and you have items that are replenished by two different methods.  If you have a need to allow more days of supply for items replenished on a slower method but need less on items that are replenished with more frequency.

This example will work for those that have downloaded Walmart's field naming.
IF(_Type / Sub(Product)="33" AND Actual days supply(Performance)<20,"A: " & Actual days supply(Performance),IF(_Type / Sub(Product)="20" AND Actual days supply(Performance)<10,"W: " & Actual days supply(Performance),""))

Chances are you will need to edit this formula so if you have any questions please be sure to create a post in the forum and it will be promptly answered.

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