Dec 4, 2008

My Next ProSpace Class Starts Jan 7

Do you want to pollish up your ProSpace skills?  Here's what is covered in my next class which starts Wedensday Jan 7 through Mar 30.
  • Introduction to ProSpace
  • Manipulating products, positions and shelves
  • Creating and using product libraries
  • How to build your planograms according to Walmart's requirements
  • Creating print layouts
  • Creating Retail Link data to import into your planograms
  • Space to sales analysis
  • Table and chart design and creation
  • Highlighting
This class covers the basics all the way to the most advanced features of ProSpace but with a focus on working with Walmart libraries and tables.  This next class will be the first one covering the newest release of ProSpace 7.5.5.  Training manuals are provided.

Classes start at 6pm and end around 8pm.  One on one is available from 8pm to 9pm.  If you have questions about the class please contact me at or at 479-381-3118.  To register please contact James Thulin or phone at 479-936-5107.  Price is $650.

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