Feb 9, 2009

JDA Notifying Users That It's Time To Join the 21st Century

JDA e-mailed an announcement this morning stating that starting with their 7.6 version of Intactix Suite they will be adding and dropping testing and certification on certain operating systems and database platforms. 7.6 is scheduled for release in the middle of this year.

They will be adding Oracle 11g support to IKB and are currently evaluating SQL Server 2008 and Windows Server 2008 for potential support in the 7.6 release.

With this release JDA will no longer certify or test on the following OS's or database platforms.

  • Oracle 9i

  • SQL Server 2000

  • Windows 2000

  • Windows 2000 server

  • Citrix MetaFrame Presentation Server, Feature Release 3

  • Microsoft Data Engine (MSDE)

According to the e-mail "These changes are being made in an effort to ensure we are supporting our applications on the latest operating systems and database platforms, while balancing that effort with the challenges to support older operating systems and database platforms."

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