Apr 27, 2009

Some facts from this mornings opening session at Focus 09

800 in attendance from 200 companies from 15 countries. Typically there are
about 1,200 in attendance. COO Chris Koziol was master of ceremony and
thanked our employers for sending us understanding the economic reasons
that attendance was lower than usual. He introduced CEO Hamish Brewer.

Hamish covers some of the innovation in their products of which none are
Intactix products. To be fair though there has been some small innovations
made over the past year as in other years but not to the scale of their
other brands. (UPDATE: Thanks to Larry in the comments for reminding me that Intactix had a significant release of Planogram Generator last year in 2008.) He also introduced a new initiative, "Managed Services".
This is where JDA will offer full implementation services which include
tech-support, advanced support, hardware and optimization. Furthermore,
support and development will partially be moved off shore. (UPDATE: Hyderabad India)

Hamish then introduced our keynote speaker, Sam Donaldson. Sam delivered
energetic, insightful and entertaining stories on the three US presidents
that he worked with from the 70's to the 90's.


Larry said...

Thanks for your involvement and attendance at FOCUS 2009. On behalf of all JDAers, we value all the Intactix customer's input and continued partnership.
Hope to see you and the Intactix Users in-mass at FOCUS 2010 in Las Vegas, May 16-19, 2010.

Larry said...

Point of correction to Eric's update to you Intactix users: There was a very significant Intactix release, the new Planogram Generator, released in March 2008 + a lot of follow-on enhancements done in the end of October 2008 Intactix release too.
For more information contact Rob Huckabay at JDA HQ.

Eric Liberatore said...

Thanks for the correction. Posting updated.