May 1, 2009

Submit your enhancement requests for SpaceAutomation and/or IKB to JDA by May 15

If you are a member of the SpaceAutomation and/or IKB Special Interest Group you have until May 15 to submit new enhancement requests to add to the voting list. New requests should be submitted on an enhancement form submitted to CSS (Customer Support Solutions), as described on in the Special Interest Group section. If you have questions on submitting enhancement requests, please contact your regional CSS (contact details posted on JDA requests your use of the enhancement request form to provide the relevant details so that JDA and other SIG members can understand your business need and your enhancement recommendation.

The schedule for SIG enhancement voting:

May 15: Cut-off date for submitting new enhancement requests to CSS.

May 29: Distribution of the final enhancement list for SIG voting.

June 19: Voting ballots due to your SIG Chairperson and SIG Manager. This voting schedule provides time for discussion. Based on member interest we can schedule conference calls to discuss enhancements.

August 22: Distribution of tabulated results to the SIG.

If your company has competitive concerns about submitting your confidential votes to your SIG Chairperson (me), please contact George Mirza and we will make alternative arrangements.

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