May 15, 2009

The Upcoming Intactix Users Group Meeting - 5/21/09

When do you use ProSpace? It's usually during the relay process, right? There is a flow to your work in ProSpace during a relay. It usually starts with your Retail Link data being imported into each planogram so that you can analyze your space to sales with charts, tables, labels and highlighting, followed by printouts. Then you may move shelves and products around and fill in all the fields that Walmart requires. From here there many more hours spent in ProSpace.

So with this work flow in mind I've decided to start a regular feature for our meetings. Myself and others will demonstrate how to effeciently do these tasks in the software as well as tricks on doing them easier and faster. We will present these over the next 6 meetings then start it all over again. We'll still have an open format so that you don't have to wait for a future meeting to see something demonstrated.

Here is a preliminary agenda which will most likely change throughout the year. Nothing here is in concrete.
May 21
  • How to build your Retail Link query
  • How to build a Product Library and use it to update your planograms
  • How to work with multiple planograms both in a single file or individually
  • Setting up ProSpace for working with Walmart
  • A few points observed from FOCUS 2009
July 9
  • How to create and use charts
  • How to create and use labels
  • How to measure items
  • How to edit and use images of products
September 10
  • How to create and use tables
  • Highlighting
November 12
  • Tips and tricks on maneuvering shelves and positions
  • Using tables and Space Automation to correct your planogram settings and fixtures
January 14
  • Printing using layouts
  • Creating store to modular and item to store reports using MS Access
March 11
  • TBD
May 13
  • TBD
If there is something that I should add to this list please let me know. You can add it to the comments.
Of course Paul Sharos of JDA will be there providing his wit and wisdom but more importantly donuts and coffee! Don't forget that both Paul and I provide training on ProSpace. Visit for Paul's all-day-format training and visit NWACC's website for info on my class.

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