Sep 9, 2009

JDA Intactix Suite 7.6 Available Online

Wow! Not only are there some excellent new features coming in the newest Intactix suite but you can finally download the program instead of waiting weeks for your disc. You will need to submit your request through or contact their support desk. According to a memo sent from JDA today you must request CD's if you still require a physical shipment. Why is 7.6 worth the upgrade process? Export to Excel: No more pasting and reformatting your UPC's. This truly exports it to an Excel file and opens Excel for you immediately if you choose. Print to PDF: Yes, you probably already have a PDF printer installed but if don't you will now have the ability to print charts, tables and planograms into an Adobe Acrobat file. It installs a PDF printer but will only work in Space Planning even though you'll see it available in other programs. Improved "Mulitple Planograms" Option for Tables: The checkboxes at the top of your table are now replaced with a handy menu/window option. This also allows you to compare planograms that may not be located as number one and number two. "Perform Space Planning Action" Command for Space Automation: Previous versions of Space Automation were limited to whatever commands were available to you. Now you can specify a Space Planning menu or screen in your script even if there isn't a command for the function. This is close to the Macro menu option in old InterCept.

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