Jan 14, 2010

All future NWA Intactix Users Group meetings cancelled

Due to attendance trends I have decided to cancel all future Intactix Users Group meetings.  In the future we may have a special event but our regularly scheduled meetings have had such poor attendance that it's just not worth the effort to put these together.

If you have any feedback or general comments about this group please leave a comment on this posting and feel free to post it anonymously if you like.  I guess with Walmart taking category advisory in house in many categories, there just aren't as many ProSpace users in the area or the meetings just didn't have the value expected.

However we will continue on as a user group though through this website.  The forum is a great resource for getting your Intactix questions answered.  When you post something on the forum there is a panel of Intactix user/experts that instantly receive your question via e-mail.  When someone posts a reply to your posting you will instantly receive an e-mail.


Michael McClain said...

It's unfortunate that people did not take advantage of this worthwhile opportunity.

Randy Patrick said...

If I lived closer, i would attend. Sorry Eric

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the effort you've put into this group. It's always been very beneficial. I always look forward to attending, but all too often "fires" keep me from going as much as I'd like.