May 5, 2010

JDA Releases Space Planning 7.6.2

According to a memo sent to customers today, Space Planning 7.6.2 is now available to all maintenance-paying customers.  The following is a quote from the memo...

  • "The ‘Update From Fixture Library’ functionality has been redesigned to support updating individual fixtures, and fixtures within an assembly, from matching fixtures in a fixture library. Based on feedback from users and the Space Planning SIG (Special Interest Group), updating planogram dimensions and segments from planogram templates in the fixture library is no longer supported. A new diagnostics log shows the update status for each fixture in each planogram, with a total count of updates and errors for fixtures that could not be updated. JDA encourages you to review the Release Notes for additional details, and evaluate this significant redesign. We would like your feedback to determine if additional refinements are needed for a future release.
  • Space Planning could become unstable if a large number of products displayed automatic models using the Model + extended bitmap option and the images contained transparencies. The instability in the 3D view could cause Space Planning to shut down unexpectedly, losing unsaved changes.
  • The maximum length for some fields was too restrictive for multi-byte characters. In Space Planning, the maximum length of a string (alphanumeric) field is measured in bytes, not characters. Several fields have been modified so that multi-byte characters are considered when enforcing the maximum length.
Additional details are available in the Space Planning 7.6.2 Release Notes document available on the Intactix Enterprise Suite 7.6.3 CD, or from JDA Support Services.
This release is a full installation package of Space Planning, and can be used for either new installations or for upgrade installations. If upgrading from a version of Space Planning prior to 7.5.0, please review the Release Notes document for important information."

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