Nov 5, 2014

JDA Rebrands Self and Will Rename Intactix Products

If you are a member of any of the JDA SIG groups you may have already learned that JDA has a new tagline, "Plan To Deliver" and their logo has been redesigned to lower case letters followed with a period.  In the Space Planning SIG call today product manager, Mike Boughton announced that as part of the rebranding the "Intactix" name will be retired.  The suite of products formerly known as "The Intactix Suite" which includes Space Planning, Space Automation, Floor Planning and IKB will now belong to a suite branded "The Category Management Suite".  Products that have "Intactix" in their name such as "Intactix Knowledge Base" will receive a new name yet to be decided.

This also means that this user group needs to renamed.  Any suggestions?

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