Mar 20, 2015

A Script For Deleting Positions In ProSpace/Space Planning

Below is the script I demonstrated at our user group meeting yesterday.  It will open a planogram from your list and delete some positions from the planogram if they exist.  Simply copy and paste the text below into Space Automation.  To modify the list of files to be processed double click on the first line of the script and select the folder and which projects to work on.

_PS_Create file list {ListName="NM"} {UseSubdirectories="False"}
_PS_     c:\Users\eliberat\Desktop\Delete Me\NWAIUG\Sample Multi Planogram Project.psa
_PS_     c:\Users\eliberat\Desktop\Delete Me\NWAIUG\Sample with Data.psa
_PS_End Create File List
_PS_Use file list {ListName="NM"}
_PS_Redraw off
_PS_Close product library
_PS_For projects
_PS_     Delete position {ProductKey="0003760061684"}
_PS_     Delete position {ProductKey="0003760061689"}
_PS_     Delete position {ProductKey="0002100003268"}
_PS_     Save project file {FileType="Space Planning Projects"} {SaveUnallocated="No"}
_PS_     Close project file
_PS_End projects
_PS_Redraw on

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