Jul 10, 2015

Planogram Generator: New Client Edition

The following announcement was sent out to JDA customers today.  You are no longer required to have IKB to have Planogram Generator.

"To better support customers who want to generate planograms on a smaller scale, we are pleased to introduce JDA Planogram Generator Client Edition. Planogram Generator Client Edition supports in-memory generation of multiple target planograms using a local installation of JDA Space Planning.

Find out more about JDA Planogram Generator Client on our July 29th webinar. Register here"

In a related message on Planogram Generator

"Pegboard merchandising is a point of emphasis for this release. Multiple new features have been added to extend Planogram Generator support for pegboard merchandising."

How can I get this release?
Visit support.jda.com where you can create a Software Request case online, or find the phone number to contact your local JDA Support Solution Line.

Where can I find more information?
Upon receipt of the software, review the Release Notes and other related documentation. These documents, as well as other recent announcements related to your products, can also be found at support.jda.com

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