Jul 10, 2015

Subplanograms now a new feature in Space Planning 9.0

The following is an announcement from JDA sent out to their customers today.

"Space Planning, Floor Planning, and Category Knowledge Base: Introduction of subplanograms
The ability to merchandise planograms within planograms and enable planograms to share the same vertical space on a floorplan can now be performed using subplanograms, which consist of the following objects:
  • Host planogram: planogram that contains one or more subplanogram spaces
  • Subplanogram space: new fixture type within JDA Space Planning that is used to define an area in which a subplanogram can be assigned
  • Subplanogram: planogram that is designed to be placed within a host section in JDA Floor Planning
Category Knowledge Base now supports the existence of subplanogram spaces on planograms in JDA Space Planning and the ability to assign subplanograms to those spaces in JDA Floor Planning. Subplanograms may have a different lifecycle and be created by a different Space Planner than the host planogram."

How can I get this release?
Visit support.jda.com where you can create a Software Request case online, or find the phone number to contact your local JDA Support Solution Line.

Where can I find more information?
Upon receipt of the software, review the Release Notes and other related documentation. These documents, as well as other recent announcements related to your products, can also be found at support.jda.com

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