Jul 10, 2015

JDA's Category Management Suite Version 9 Has Been Released

The following is an announcement sent out to JDA customers today announcing the release of their Category Management Suite (formerly known as Intactix Enterprise Suite).

We are pleased to announce the availability of JDA Category Management Suite 9.0.
Many of the new features and enhancements are a direct result of customer interactions and input from the Special Interest Groups (SIGs). More information about the solutions included in this release and the corresponding Special Interest Group (SIG) can be found on the JDA support portal.

This announcement provides information on a few of the enhancements available with the Category Management Suite 9.0 release. Please review the release notes and other documentation for more details.
JDA’s New Brand: Many of you have been longtime customers and identify our category management solutions with the Intactix brand. As you may have noticed, JDA has a new logo representing our new brand commitment - Plan to deliver! To emphasize the opportunity our brand offers to existing customers, we have introduced new suite and product naming. With the 8.2 release last year, the Intactix Enterprise Suite name was officially changed to JDA Category Management. With this 9.0 release, the remaining instances of Intactix have been phased out of the product names:
  • Intactix Knowledge Base has become Category Knowledge Base (CKB)
  • Intactix Knowledge Server has become Category Knowledge Server (CKS)
  • Intactix Batch Processing has become Category Batch Processing 
  • Products & Images by Intactix has become JDA Products and Images
These changes have been applied to all references that are visible within the user interfaces across the suite. However, the renaming has not been applied to the core infrastructure elements of the application, such as the installed file locations, Registry entries, or automation commands. In these cases, the Intactix name will be retained to preserve existing user functions and/or file shortcuts that may rely on the existing names.

JDA Category Management Team

How can I get this release?
Visit support.jda.com where you can create a Software Request case online, or find the phone number to contact your local JDA Support Solution Line.

Where can I find more information?
Upon receipt of the software, review the Release Notes and other related documentation. These documents, as well as other recent announcements related to your products, can also be found at support.jda.com

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