Sep 23, 2015

Our next meeting agenda

We will have our meeting this Thursday, Sept 24 at the Global Business building at 10:00a.
One of our speakers will be Jack Mitchell of Del Monte.  He will cover the following regarding Space Automation.
1) Navigation Improvement for :
  a)  Adjust Facings
  b)  Zoom in/out
  c)  Toggle Labels/Highlights
2) Automate creating :
  a)  Create Add Shelf
  b)  Create Delete Shelf
  c)  Determine Items missing from in Modular Cluster (items carried by WM)
  d)  Determine Items missing from in Nielsen Region (All items)
3) Tracking Item Placement/Facing changes
4) Identify/Correct DOS & Case Pack Issues
5) Determine Total Financial/POD Change

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