Oct 28, 2015

Cantactix providing free demonstration of JDA's Space Automation Professional

As of 2014 JDA ceased development on Space Automation in favor of using Microsoft's Visual Studio for our automation needs.  JDA has created an add on to Visual Studio Professional Edition (and higher) called Space Automation Professional.  If you haven't switched over yet and are wondering what it can do be sure to sit in on Cantactix's free webinar.

For those of you not familiar with Cantactix, they are a reseller of JDA software and offer consultation and implementation services around the world.  They are comprised of former programmers and product managers from JDA.  For instance, the person that created Space Automation is now a Cantactix associate and has been testing Space Automation Professional.  These guys know their stuff.

The following is from an email they sent out to their contact list..

Please join us on November 18th at 1:00 PM Central to learn the features and capabilities of JDA's new Space Automation Professional package.

There have been significant changes in how Space Automation works in the 9.0 and future releases.  Join our webinar for a review of the impact on your processes as well as a live demonstration.
Some of the common questions we've heard (and will address) are:  

·         What are the differences between Space Automation and Space Automation Professional?

·         How does upgrading to 9.0 affect my existing automation scripts?

·         Can we really save more time with the functionality of the new release?

·         How will creating scripts change in Space Automation Professional?

·         What new skills and training will my team require to be successful?

Join the webinar to learn the answers to these and other questions.  Stay online afterwards to participate in our live and interactive Q&A session.  As usual, we will address all your questions at the end of the webinar.

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