Oct 20, 2015

JDA Returning to Year Numbers for Software Version Releases

JDA sent out this announcement in an email today though it has been announced earlier in their SIG calls.

Announcing a simpler way for version release numbering!

We all know the typical way in which new software versions are numbered can be confusing.  That's because the numbering scheme usually doesn't reflect the year that the product was released, so people have to mentally juggle release dates from memory and have trouble linking all the solutions that may have been released within the same time period.  So, in an effort to reduce confusion and streamline release activities, effective on January 1, 2016, JDA Software will begin aligning version release numbers to the calendar year of the launch.

How it works

Here’s an example of how the new numbering system works; if a product line was planning to release version 9.1 in early 2016, with the new release numbering scheme, this release will instead be named 2016.1.0.0, representing the first major release of that particular year. This system aligns with prior numbering schemes of RedPrairie and some older methodologies used by JDA. It may already be familiar to you for many current JDA product lines (Warehouse Management, Store Operations) but it will be a change for others.

Clarity, alignment, value

We believe this change in release numbering will bring several benefits to our customers, including:
·         Greater clarity about the timing of a release - Rather than having to remember "When was version 7.7 released, exactly?", the calendar year release number easily allows you to understand the age of a particular release.
·         Better alignment of multiple products within a solution - at JDA, we focus on delivering value through solutions, but in an industry as complex as retail and supply chain management, it is becoming increasingly difficult to align release numbers across multiple products while also ensuring consistent stack support.  Aligning the releases with the calendar year provides us the opportunity to better communicate to you how we deliver multiple products together as a cohesive solution, without having to release the products at the same time.
·         A continuing focus on delivering value - We look forward to shifting the focus from explaining version numbering to describing solutions to business problems.  Expect to hear more about the ground-breaking capabilities and benefits of JDA solutions in the year ahead.  The new, simpler release numbering system will play an important role in helping you understand where JDA is leading the industry.


If you have any questions about this change in release numbering, please contact your local JDA representative or your customer service desk.

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