Oct 17, 2016

Fill in the number of facings on your trays and cases

Walmart has announced that they have an additional planogram requirement.  Below is the communication from Walmart on October 14, 2016.  (formatting theirs)

Modular Team and Stores have asked for the Facings inside the Tray to be represented on the shelf label instead of the Tray itself.   In some areas this means, you will no longer need to remove the trays from your modulars to get the inside unit facings.

GOOD NEWS it starts TODAY!    Any Modulars being checked in starting TODAY!!  

TO MAKE THIS SUCCESSFUL, WE WILL NEED YOUR HELP!!   You ONLY need to fill in the fields if you are using a Tray or Case Merchandising Style on your modular

The system will use the #High, #Wide, and # Deep on the Tray and Case fields to calculate the facings.  These are NOT fields we populate today but will need you to start making sure they are filled in for future use.

  8 facings will be displayed on the Store’s Shelf Label.

To help you mass update these fields, we will be providing an AutoPilot Script to divide Unit dimensions into the Tray or Case dimensions to populate the number needed in the #High, #Wide, and # Deep fields.   

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