Jan 25, 2017

JDA's Category Management 2017.1 Will Have New Icons

Space Planning and Floor Planning have had the same icons since their initial release in 1999.  Starting with the release of 2017.1, which is expected to be released by mid-February, you will see these new icons in your Windows taskbar in addition to a totally new ribbon-style toolbar in your application.
The toolbars, which have changed subtly since the initial release from Intactix in '99, will look like the modern MS Office suite's toolbars.  This may require a bit of relearning for current users but it looks like it's designed intuitively, so you're learning curve should be a quick one.

If you are a keystroke user, your keystrokes will remain the same as well as the dialog boxes you've been using for product/position/fixture/planogram/project properties.

We will also gain some new functionality in the MRU (Most Recently Used) menu.  If you are a CKB user, you'll be thrilled to learn that your database planograms will show up in your MRU though they will not be able to be permanently pinned until 2017.2.

For more details including screen-shots and live demos of Space Planning 2017.1, log on to support.jda.com and join the Space Planning SIG (Special Intrest Group) where you can find a recording of this quarter's meeting.  Here's the link.

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